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Why offer Direct Debit?

Collect mobile payments directly from your customer's bank account and save thousands in fees. On average, vendors pay 4% of their revenues to process credit cards.
Fast and affordable way to take payments from anyone using a seamless mobile experience.
Same day deposit - no waiting time to process payments.
Receive recurring payments on time.
Many customers prefer direct debit to avoid credit card debt.
Easy to process seamlessly through your system or smart phone application.
Short application and easy approval.
Who are our Customers?
Startups, e-commerce and other "high-risk" businesses who may not qualify for merchant services or prefer to avoid the processing fees.  Companies with too many chargebacks may lose their merchant services but are still able to process transactions using Direct Debit.
Image by Blake Wisz
Health and Fitness Trainers, Law Firms and Legal Practices, Childcare Service Providers, Freelance and General Contractors are some of our best customers.  Direct Debit increases the chances of making the sale, eliminates the need to collect and wait for payment, all while avoiding bank and credit card fees.  
If your business is Legal Cannabis, Tech Support, Web Development, Computer Services, Construction, or General Consulting, our underwriting department considers your application to be Ultra High-Risk.  Please refer to the Venture Plans below.
 (If you are a startup we suggest the Gold Plan.) 
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Call us for same day approval.

Disclaimer:  BBB has been advised that a fraudster is posing as Brickell Capital Finance in an attempt to obtain the personal information of individuals seeking to obtain funding. BBB recommends that consumers never provide personal information to individuals or businesses calling you since technology enables anyone to spoof a phone number and “appear” to be a legitimate business. Always obtain the phone number from the business website directly or a trusted website like If you believe you have been a victim of internet fraud please report it to

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