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Brickell Capital Finance Adds New VP

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nelly Palmer as our new Vice President of Business Development at Brickell Capital Finance.  Ms. Palmer will be implementing new Marketing and Sales Strategies, as well as heading our Affiliate Broker Program.

As spokesperson for the company her responsibilities also include expanding our presence nationwide, growing our Latino market and introducing our new portfolio of services.  Ms. Palmer has vast experience in Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Team Building.  In addition to having been a successful Business Owner and Entrepreneur, she is a Certified Life Coach and Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Brickell Capital Finance has been in business since 2015 providing a wide variety of financial solutions to businesses nationwide.  As Direct Lenders and with referential relationships with major funding platforms in the country, Brickell Capital Finance Corp. secures maximum funding with the most favorable terms.

For more information about Brickell Capital Finance please contact Nelly Palmer at (305) 209-6221 or

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