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GSA Explains MAS Contracts

How to submit government contracts.

The MAS Program is also called Schedules or Federal Supply Schedule, where federal, state, local, tribal governments, and other eligible buyers get commercial products, services, and other solutions at good prices.

Learn how to submit an offer to GSA to become a MAS contractor, so you can sell commercial products, services, and solutions at pre-negotiated prices. Get the information you need to stay in compliance after you have a contract. We give you a direct link to federal government contracts.

  • Roadmap to get a MAS contract There are several steps to you must follow before you prepare and submit your offer for a Multiple Award Schedule contract.

  • Required templates for a MAS offer Don’t forget to read the entire solicitation. You need to use these templates for your offer.

  • Team up with other MAS contractors Use contractor team arrangements to meet customers’ needs. These arrangements may allow you to compete for orders that you do not qualify for on your own.

  • Transactional data reporting You can choose a less burdensome alternative to legacy pricing disclosure requirements for some SINs by participating in our TDR pilot.

  • Wage determinations Look up which Service Contract Labor Standards wage determinations apply to your services contract.

  • After you get a MAS contract Find out what you need to do to be a successful and compliant MAS contractor. Some actions are optional, but others are mandatory.

  • Helpful resources for MAS sellers Find out how to get in touch or what online resources might help you.

For more information follow the link below.

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